About Me

Tapped into his musicality at an early age, Hassan Omer has been doing music professionally since 2004.  It wasn’t long when Omer started producing music for other artists in 2011. A career spanning over a decade, Hassan has produced for some of the finest and established talents of the country including, Noori, Shehzad Noor, Omar Mukhtar, Mehdi Maloof, Maria Unera, Abdullah Qureshi and Mohammad Aizaz – just to name a few. 

Hassan Omer was one of the pioneer members of the popular rock band SYMT, which was endorsed by major labels such as Levi’s (2010), Pepsi (2014) and Coke Studio (2012). 

Omer is one of those rare musicians in Pakistan who like and prefer working with amateurs and new talent to nurture their talent and help them find their sound. He likes helping those who “deserve” to be helped. 

A seeker and explorer of his craft, Omer is also a man of principle. He is one of those musicians who openly speak against piracy of all kinds. According to him, it is the ultimate cause of devaluation of artistic work and artists values. His notion remains simple, “Morals and ethics play a vital role in understanding and developing values but this is one major area where our society including professionals have never cared to talk about it, because they are a part of it since the very first day.”

How and why he got out of this problem is a long story which he has discussed briefly in a creative video he made himself called “Khud Se Pooch” (Ask Yourself), it is available on youtube and it shows how his ideology has changed from experiences as a music producer.

His intention is not to become a philosopher of music, but he strongly believes that as a person / musician / music producer, it is his obligation and responsibility to stay true to his passion and guide the ones who need guidance and seek for it. 

This is his website called HOD STUDIO and here, he will be sharing some exclusive content including Original Songs, Collaborations, Music Production Courses, Live Shows, Live interactive guitar lessons, and so much more. 

Thank you for visiting, enjoy your stay.

“Quit Piracy – Self Correct – Educate”